Our Compromise

Our Compromise


We have a firm compromise with the environment and the natural resources of the Dominican Republic, among the measures we have taken are: don’t print the e-mails unless it is necessary; Recycle the use of packing materials when the circumstances allow,  and have a younger vehicles fleet,  so our vehicles consume less fuel and the air and wind are less contaminated for the emission of smoke.


We have a clear and transparent policy in that we offer our employees, suppliers and clients a healthy and safe environment both in the office and warehouse; we don’t practice any type of discrimination based in race, religion, sexual orientation and disabilities.
We offer a legal, clear, honest, professional and transparent framework with our clients, employees, suppliers and sellers. We compromise not to meet with our competitors for fixing prices that can cause any damage to our clients or suppliers, we encourage the free competition y we rule ourselves under a legal and transparent framework. 
We have a firm compromise with the laws of the Dominican Republic, especially with the laws that rule the Dominican ports, airports and its governing body which is “Direccion General de Aduanas” (DGA) .Due to the fact that since our beginnings we have a customs license, which requires two bonds that are permanently open to guarantee our customs compliance, these expire June and October of each year.
The employees and suppliers have to sign a code of ethics where we don’t accept any gifts or money and where we specify our anti corruption policy, we also must give acknowledgment of our social responsibility policy and code of conduct.
In case of any complaint from customers, problems with the customs authorities (DGA) or (DNCD), first the employee must try to solve the problem, if he/she cant, the supervisor must come in the scene and try, if he/she can’t also, he/she must advise the assistant of manager and if he can’t, the manager must try to solve the problem.


We are firmly compromised with observation of not giving or receiving any type of gifts, this is clearly communicated to our employees and suppliers, which both have a written compromise. This takes body especially to our customs or office employees, it is prohibited strictly of our part to give or receive money, gifts, money, services, invitations and lunches. We have no objection that our packers receive tips, foods, furniture or any other item only and always as our workers don’t pressure the client, and the client feels that he has been received a quality service.